ADCC does not accept insurance or EAP benefits for any services.  Payment must be made either by credit card on this website prior to your appointment time or in cash (correct change please) at the office. Personal checks are not accepted.  To pay fees on the website click the "Pay Fee" tab in the menu to the left.

If you have any questions related to the services outlined below please call 706-575-1833.  Thank you.


This is a thorough biopsychosocial/substance use information gathering process which will provide a clinical interpretation of that information, diagnosis if appropriate, and counseling, education or treatment recommendations.  In order to complete te process you will have to provide;

  1. A valid picture identification card, i.e., current driver's license, state issued I.D card.
  2. A copy of your State Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) containing information for the last five (5) years you were licensed.
  3. A recent (less than 30 days old) drug sreen
  4. If you have been in treatment in the past five years, a copy of your History and Physical and a copy of your Discharge Plan
  5. A minimum of three (3) letters from people you have know for at least two years who can vouch for you as far as the substanc use history you have reported
  6. Any paperwork related to the reason you are seeking this service, i.e., requirements of probation officer, court, DUI/DWI information, social services agency, disability board, personal physician, employer or school.

Consultation: This service, lasting up to 50 minutes, is designed simply to provide an opportunity to meet with a counselor to ask questions about your own or someone else's use of substances or engagement in destructive behavior as well as treatment recommendations when needed.  It also provides family members and/or friends the opportunity to discuss their own behavior related to someone's problem, i.e., "enabling" behavior and "co-dependency", as well as the emotional turmoil family and/or friends experience.  



Dual-Diagnosis Group Counseling: ADCC offers group counseling for individuals with dual-diagnosis.  Dual diagnosis is a term that refers to individuals who have both a mental health disorder and a substance use disorder.   This group meets weekly for 90 minutes each week.  A minimum commitment of four weeks is required.      

Family Education:   ADCC offers a group for families and friends of individuals with addiction problems that is educational in nature. Family members are constantly exposed to emotional turmoil related to a loved one's substance abuse.  They often become very "co-dependent" and, in trying to help, also become "enablers".  This group is designed to provide basic education for family and friends with the goal being to learn how to be helpful and, more importantly, how to take care of yourself emotionally.