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If it is your intention to prove that you do not need the minimum required treatment, either because you have never had a problem with alcohol and/or other drugs, or that you had a problem in the past but have changed your lifestyle and there is no longer a problem, you will need to provide supporting evidence.  To substantiate your self-reported history and strengthen the validity of the assessment, the following are necessary:

1.  A copy of your Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) record for the last five-seven years. This must be obtained from the DMV office if you have a Georgia license. If you have an out-of-state license you will need to contact the DMV for that state.
2.  A recent urine drug screen, no more than 30 days old.  This must be faxed or mailed from the agency that conducted the screening.

3.  Five (5) letters supporting your self-reported alcohol and/or other drug use history from people you have known and see on a regular basis for at least the last two years. People providing the letters must state what they have observed related to your substance use.  The letters cannot simply be character references. These letters must be notarized and can be from your family physician, clergy person, attorney, probation officer, employer, co-worker, family member or friend.  Original letters, not copies, are required.

4.  If you have been in alcohol and/or other drug treatment within the last five years you must furnish the discharge summary and aftercare recommendations from that program.  This must be faxed or mailed from the treatment program/facility.